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The history of the Monday Musical Club of Tillamook 
The Monday Musical Club of Tillamook (MMCT) was formed on October 10, 1920 when Mrs. Edwin E. Koch, a music teacher, invited a group of ladies to her home for the purpose of studying the “history of music”.

The formal organization of the Monday Musical Club of Tillamook didn’t occur until two years later in 1922. The initial twelve ladies of the MMCT grew and changed over the years, but the biggest change came in 1994 when the club took on the challenge of bringing the Oregon Symphony to Tillamook County.

Since then, the MMCT Cultural Events Series has become a well known presenting company with an annual season of four events and one or two special events. The Monday Musical Club of Tillamook has a history of not just providing an entertaining calendar of performers, but also incorporating the visits of these artists into the local educational programs in the Tillamook School District.

Funds raised by the Monday Musical Club of Tillamook are used to sponsor master classes for Tillamook music students and to fund scholarships for the winners of the club’s Junior-Senior High School talent competition.

The Monday Musical Club of Tillamook is part of the Oregon Federation of Music Clubs, founded in 1921 as part of the National Federation of Music Clubs. The MMCT is one of the only remaining clubs that meets on a regular basis to present community programs. Both the OFMC and NFMC are dedicated to finding and encouraging musical talent through annual Federated Music Festivals and the awarding of scholarships in piano, strings, harp and voice. We welcome teachers, performers and music lovers to join us!

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